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3GE Collection on Law: Cyber Laws

3GE Collection on Law: Cyber Laws

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    • Delivers a comprehensive knowledge to the reader navigating the roads of cyberworld. From e-commerce to e-signatures to e-acts, this book includes terms of everyday applications of the internet in simple language.
    • This book discusses the legal position of Information Technology (IT), e-commerce and business transaction on the cyberspace/Internet.

In today’s digital environment, the world is becoming increasingly digitally sophisticated and so are the crimes. Originally, Internet was developed as a research and information sharing tool and was in an unregulated manner. With the time it became more transactional with e-business, e-commerce, e-governance and e-procurement etc. All legal issues linked to internet crime are dealt with through cyber laws. As the number of internet users is on the growth, the need for cyber laws and their application has also gathered great momentum. Systems across the globe have many different rules governing the behavior of users. These users in most of the countries are completely free to join/ leave any system whose rules they find comfortable/ not comfortable to them. This extra flexibility may at times lead to improper user conduct. Also, in the absence of any suitable legal framework, it may be difficult for System Administrators to have a check on Frauds, Vandalism or Abuses, which may make the life of many online users miserable. This situation is alarming as any element of distrust for Internet may lead to people avoiding doing transactions with online sites thereby directly affecting e-Commerce growth.

“Cyber Laws” is a comprehensive guide for navigating all legal aspects of the Internet. This book is a crucial asset for online businesses and entrepreneurs. The growth of Electronic Commerce has forced the need for vibrant and effective regulatory mechanisms which would further strengthen the legal infrastructure, so crucial to the success of Electronic Commerce. All these regulatory mechanisms and legal infrastructures come within the domain of Cyber law. Cyber law is important because it touches almost all aspects of transactions and activities on and involving the internet, World Wide Web and cyberspace. Every action and reaction in cyberspace has some legal and cyber legal perspectives. Technological developments have made the transition from paper to paperless transactions possible. We are now creating new standards of speed, efficiency, and accuracy in communication, which has become key tools for boosting innovations, creativity and increasing overall productivity. This book serves as a comprehensive guide to the reader navigating the roads of cyber world. The objective of the text is to equip with knowledge of cybercrime, ethical hacking, cyber security, cyber forensics & cyber laws amongst students as well as professionals of various backgrounds such as Engineering, Law, IT, Computer Applications, Management, Commerce, Arts and other disciplines.