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3GE Collection on Law: Cybersecurity

3GE Collection on Law: Cybersecurity

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    • Discusses crimes commonly committed on the internet, and measures used to attempt to prevent them.
    • This book is designed to help readers understand how the numerous roles and functions within cybersecurity practice can be combined and leveraged to produce a secure organization.
    • As well as providing practical advice, it guides readers through the processes that will enable them to manage and mitigate such threats thereby delivering the best protection for their organizations.

As technology endures to progress so also do the opportunities and challenges it provides. The information and communications technology (ICT) industry has evolved greatly over the last half century. The technology is ubiquitous and increasingly integral to almost every facet of modern society. ICT devices and components are generally interdependent, and disruption of one may affect many others. Over the past several years, experts and policymakers have expressed increasing concerns about protecting ICT systems from cyberattacks, which many experts expect to increase in frequency and severity over the next several years. Organizations in the world  Governments, military, organizations, financial institutions, universities and other businesses collect  process and store an enormous amount of private information and data on computers and transfer that data over networks to other computers. With the unceasing rapid growth of volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks, quick attempts are needed to secure sensitive business and personal information, as well as to protect national security.

The book entitled “Cybersecurity” details about the nature of cyberspace and shows how the internet is unsecure to transmit the confidential and financial information. It demonstrates that hacking is now common and harmful for global economy and security and presented the various methods of cyber-attacks worldwide. This is why cyber security is one of the pillars of strategy for the digital single market. Every nation must be ready to counter cyber threats that are becoming increasingly sophisticated and that recognize no borders. For this, we need top-quality, affordable and interoperable cyber security products and services. Cybersecurity is now considered as important part of individuals and families, as well as organizations, governments, educational institutions and our business. It is essential for families and parents to protect the children and family members from online fraud. In terms of financial security, it is crucial to secure our financial information that can affect our personal financial status. Internet is very important and beneficial for faculty, student, staff and educational institutions, has provided lots of learning opportunities with number of online risks. There is vital need for internet users to understand how to protect themselves from online fraud and identity theft. Appropriate learning about the online behavior and system protection results reduction in vulnerabilities and safer online environment.

This book looks at the challenges of cyberspace in an interdependent world and at the need for new, cooperative modes of governance to build cyber security. Additionally, it provides some background to the nature of digital ecosystems and the fundamentals of cybersecurity. This book serves a valuable resource by addressing the most pressing issues facing cyber-security from both a national and global perspective.